Walro Flex’s manufacturing facility is in Alberton North and manufactures various types of cabling for the automotive and domestic as well as industrial electrical markets.


Production Facility and Manufacturing Processes


Over the past decade, Walro Flex has consistently supplied quality-differentiated automotive cable to both the local and European market thereby earning a reputation for reliable service delivery, assured quality and competitive pricing. Walro Flex has over the years, built up significant in-house technical know-how and skills. Additionally the company has technical and support agreements with major European manufacturers.

As a second-tier supplier to the original equipment (OE) market, Walro Flex runs a continuous shift cycle enabling the plant to run 7 days per week, twenty-four hours per day, with a capacity of 40 000km of autocable plus 800 000m of battery cable per month.

Each year, in conjunction with our technical partner, specific equipment capability is evaluated and upgraded and/or replaced where appropriate. To date, capital investment during the past decade has been over R50 million. Walro Flex has progressively upgraded its extrusion lines using new Eurocarb cross heads and tooling to ensure state-of-the-art technology.


Rod Breaking & Wire Drawing

This process starts with the drawing down of 7,90mm diameter copper rod. Followed by four high speed, multi-end fine wire drawing machines which produce annealed copper wire down to various sizes and combinations of wires.

Bunching and Stranding

The double twist bunching machines produce strands ranging from 0.22mm² to 8.00mm² at speeds of up to 5 600 twists per minute. A single twist buncher and cable stranders produce conductors ranging from 10mm² to 95mm².


The extrusion department has four fully automated extrusion lines producing automotive cable from 0.22mm² up to 6mm². This process has recently undergone a major capital investment. The new equipment works on the principle of skinning, this enables Walro Flex to be highly flexible in terms of product range and therefore improve delivery and turnaround times. The battery cable extrusion line has also undergone major refurbishment, thereby increasing production capacity of 800 000 metres per month.

Highly Flexible, Super-Fine Conductor (Pigtail)

This department has two super fine multi-end wire drawers which are capable of drawing wire down to 0,05mm. Four specialised bunchers and a tubular strander produce these exceptional, highly flexible strands.


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