Walro Flex is a member of the Intakobusi group of companies


Intakobusi Holdings

Intakobusi Holdings (Pty) Ltd is the holding entity of a group of companies specialising in manufacturing across many industries.  This group of companies are Walro Flex, Elgin Flameproof and Rely Intracast respectively.

Copper Association

The CDAA has represented the local copper industry in southern Africa since 1962, and, on behalf of its members,  is committed to promoting and expanding the use of copper and copper alloys throughout Africa.  Walro Flex is a member of the CDAA.

Elgin Flameproofing

Diesel Flameproof Equipment (Pty) Ltd trading as Elgin Flameproofing is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manufacturing and supplying certified diesel engine flameproof systems fitted to OEM machines operating in both underground and surface hazardous explosive areas.


Walro Flex is a member of NAACAM (National Association of Automotive Component & Allied Manufacturers) which is recognised as the voice of the South African automotive component industry both domestically and internationally.

Rely Intracast

Rely IntraCast is one of the leading investment castings companies in both South Africa as well as the rest of Africa specialising in the manufacturing of investment castings in all air melted alloys.


SAFEhouse is an association of organisations within the South African electrical industry.  The association has been formed to combat the prevalence of unsafe products and services in South Africa by informing buyers and others that influence buying decisions about the criteria by which to assess these products and services, and by exposing specific cases of sub-standard products and practices.


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